Website promotion must not know five key steps

To search the Internet, the website to promote the study of a lot of information, many of which are effective ways to promote. In fact, although the construction of e-commerce and enterprise website promotion method, but these methods will always be the promotion of the.

here, after a previous learning experience and their gradual exploration experiment, summed up the five key steps of e-commerce website promotion can not know, for your reference, as follows.

Analysis of

site analysis: to analyze the website itself, aim is to find the problem based website;


site structure diagnosis: site structure is reasonable, is efficient, convenient, is consistent with the habits of user access;
file with the file name diagnosis: file format, file name etc. system analysis; access
: statistical system installation, background analysis, regional analysis, visitor analysis, keyword analysis etc.;

marketing analysisKeywords:

keyword analysis is appropriate, keyword density is reasonable;
page page setup position, marketing content, marketing page first impression; analysis of

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