How to do business network marketing

how to do a good job in enterprise network marketing, which is a lot of network marketing companies are very concerned about the issue. But many enterprises only see others success blindly, not make network marketing plan for their own business began to network marketing, it is taboo to do network marketing.

a business to be successful in network marketing, the following nine conditions must be avoided:

1, did not develop a network marketing plan began blind network marketing

first of all enterprises should have a correct understanding of the network marketing, network marketing is a systematic project, involving many aspects, combined with the actual situation of their own needs analysis, make a thorough scientific plan, in order to achieve success. Instead of listening to the media propaganda, friends or other people excited not to blindly start planning the production site, publish information, into the network promotion, which will ultimately end in failure.

2, website construction is re design or re application

construction enterprise website is very important for enterprises to carry out network marketing. When the station is re design or re application it must first understand the web site is to serve the needs of network marketing. The ideal is to design and application. That is, to focus on corporate image, but also to meet the needs of users.

3, blind mass information, spam marketing

spam, mass marketing this way is now deeply hated Internet users, if you often use this method will damage the corporate image. This is also a self injury of the big network marketing methods, the blind pursuit of the deformity of the network marketing products with low pay high returns, will lead the enterprise is difficult to accept the Internet marketing services and products really healthy, network marketing opportunities and miss the opportunity of enterprise development.

4, follow the trend to buy network marketing products

want to know the best product is the best product, don’t look at the others very well with what network marketing products, will follow the trend of buying, which not only is not the most suitable, but if used improperly, will bring serious impact on the effect of network marketing.

5, the use of

search engine bidding for


Baidu, Google and other search engine marketing products is the mainstream of network marketing products, more and more companies choose to use this approach to network marketing. However, most companies do not know after the use of competitive bidding, resulting in poor results.

bidding effect will be affected by many factors, the daily cost budget, keywords, etc.. If the bid effect did not achieve the desired effect, to timely analysis of the reasons, timely maintenance of the bid, rather than passive, so as to enhance the network marketing effect.

6, online marketing and offline marketing separate

network marketing is the overall marketing strategy

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