Duo Jianong founder of Zen cicadas tell you how the derivative day into a million

I’m a mask."

The first sentence of

and the cicada Zen meet later, will be able to appreciate the Shandong Han cordial, frank, frank.

background: Gorgeous enough cicada Zen 80, 02 years to start empty-handed, opened the first mobile phone shop in the west gate of University of Jinan for 03 years, second mobile phone retail stores opened, created in September the first mobile phone wholesale company. 06 years in March to create a total of second mobile phone wholesale company, in June, the establishment of cultural media company, the communications industry DM publishing, friends online online, on September, the first machine network opened. The creation of 10 Shandong Tianxin Agel Ecommerce Ltd, focused on Internet, its 6 Tmall mall. In March 13, the autobiography "by" Zen Chan start empty-handed Xinhua press officially published, May 2013, reprinted. 14 years in the mobile Internet, strong brand founder duo jia.

some people think that micro business can save everything, some people think that the derivative shit, these are because they have not done micro business, they never know what is the secret behind the micro core business. I was in the front line, I know some of the truth."


height, tower like figure, sitting in the Shanghai office, the frank Shandong Tahan, Weiweidaolai micro world’s own surge high and sweep forward.

Peng Fei: "welcome to Peng Fei’s first cicada Zen micro interview. First of all, tell you to do before the micro business experience."


Zen: "I in 2000 after college, start a business. 03 years to the year is my most favorable for the past 10 years, I was talking to my brother yesterday, at that stage I do 3C digital, mobile phone wholesale. Then cool to what extent, as long as do make money, every day tens of thousands of profit income, I never worry about money problems, it is to make money earn hand cramps."

06 years to 08 years I do the Internet, when the more bitter force, because at that time do not understand, I know the Internet is the trend, the Internet can make money. But how to make money? Do not know! So in fact 06 to 08 to do the Internet that is not making money."

09 years to do Taobao mall, began to make money on the Internet, 12,13 is the best two years of business, earned two years. In early 14, when Taobao Tmall together, we fell several Tmall traffic half. At that time, I realized that the waste, Tmall’s flow cost is too expensive, you need to open up the battlefield."

Peng Fei: "so you had a sense of crisis, was not the same taste smell."


Zen: "14 years in January 1st, I was aware of: over the past 10 years of good day coming to an end. Need to immediately turn around, immediately transition, otherwise there is no way out."

Peng Fei: later decided to transform the mobile Internet?

: "the Zen cicada. My brother made cosmetics raw materials for more than ten years in Shanghai, is the industry’s leading brand of raw materials. "

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