Today have you been brainwashed by today’s headlines


and so on the elevator, look at today’s headlines!

go to work on Monday, look at today’s headlines!

go to work on Tuesday, look at today’s headlines!

go to work early, look at today’s headlines!

work late for what, see today’s headlines!

today on the way to work, see today’s headlines!

how unhappy today, see today’s headlines!

how unhappy today, see today’s headlines!


the two days no matter where I go, you can see the advertising headlines today, it is Shuabing rhythm, make a lot of people have been brainwashed, that night to go home and ask my girlfriend to do the evening meal, a look at today’s headlines.


it is understood that today’s headlines spend hundreds of millions of dollars to put these outdoor advertising, covering the North Guangzhou Shenzhen 14 cities. Which is the biggest bright spot, the headline today advertising KV total up to 150+, it is everywhere today’s headlines, you have seen one so much of a series of ads? They according to different regions, different places and scenes, and for different groups of people, the placement of different advertising copywriter.

this is the market that do not fall into money, put them out of the market, but the positioning area, study on different positions of corresponding groups… And then the corresponding delivery of personalized advertising…





maybe a lot of people don’t know what KV means?

simply, KV is doing graphic design language, refers to the vision of the main screen, or you can say is the core of the creative advertising, graphic method is collocation subject content, including text, color, drawing, and visual feelings etc..

KV is similar to the advertising design guidelines, it is related to the advertising program in the design of all the extension of the application of the foundation. Once the KV has been identified, it has been finalized on behalf of the direction of advertising creativity, this time you can KV the whole or part of the design elements, applied to the design of various promotional media.

KV can be extended to the design of extended TVC video advertising, posters, brochures, magazine ads, subway advertising, light boxes, Bao Zhu LED large screen advertising, outdoor advertisements, bus body advertising, advertising, advertising stairs, escalator with terminal Duitou, shelves, POP flags, jumping cards, product packaging, advertising, micro >

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