Look at the grassroots marketing micro blog era has still to accumulate steadily

has a line called "eat much, dream much, chew up or have a good reason. So when it comes to the concept of marketing, the truth is the same. Marketing is the need to be born in his body as the basis of activities, or rely on a large group of activities, with the support of these factors, marketing activities can be carried out smoothly. That is to say the amount of your container marketing platform what determines your marketing stage size, fully tap just a program to do good, can not conceal its weakness in the whole, the positive reaction of the situation of micro-blog marketing at present. The following micro-blog marketing, it is the biggest problem is the problem of marketing capacity, and I also share some of their own views on this.

red city does not mean once and for all. Micro-blog has been very hot and brilliant, but the development and changes of things at any time, whether it is the market environment, or customer needs are quietly changing, so the history has been rewritten. The city is also a very red in silently dimmed, compared to the past, micro-blog marketing is also in decline, why was in the limelight tea cools down to today’s people, the biggest reason should be the development of micro-blog, has not kept pace with the trend of the times, so that a lot of share by the mobile client occupied. Although micro-blog fast reaction, back into the mobile terminal, but could not win. The market needs fresh blood, micro-blog marketing needs to have more creative marketing activities, to ensure that workers have yi.

review the past, look at the present. Five years ago, if friends, related to micro-blog’s topic is often the case, so now? Than WeChat, the rise and decline of the early things have some changes, if you want to take and compare them, all have their own characteristics. For marketers, micro-blog marketing has one to many, also can be a flexible way of marketing, now still has its unique advantages, so why do people withdraw from micro-blog marketing? Is the storage of material in reducing, that is to say people in the activity decreased, while the large volume of micro-blog gauge unfortunately, the activities of the crowd bearing quietly in the transfer, micro-blog marketing to The sun sinks in the west.. Micro-blog marketing has its own characteristics, usage is still great, here comes to micro-blog marketing too early for the decadent. Before and after comparison, you can find a little reason, then, innovation is the only way to retain the brilliant micro-blog marketing.

micro-blog marketing interactive. Speaking of micro-blog marketing more time or entertainment and share, if too much and to join in a flagrant way to promote information, many fans will be cast aside, so that micro-blog marketing more often pay attention to interest free, but also to put a lot of effort to study the skills to know micro-blog fans is not easily won. Promotion is not too exposed. Micro-blog interactive marketing factors can not be separated from entertainment and sharing, where the marketing approach will be more professional, often more formal foreign. The past has its uniqueness

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