How to become a network marketing director for three years

to introduce myself, I am in the network marketing business for more than three years, is now the director of a network marketing company. In the view of some Daniel, three years to do marketing director positions may not be anything, but this article is not written to them, is written for those who like me and the general marketing people look at. Today to share their own experience in this area, to those who have just entered the marketing experience of some new people.

identify market approved targets


started, I decided to do marketing director level, in order to achieve this goal, the first step is to headhunting online, to see all the above again released all the recruitment network marketing director of the announcement, and then aggregated down, finally draw a network marketing director needs to master the skills and requirements list.


in this way the list of skills, the market reaction to the network marketing director positions, the ability to master all of this list and even some master, absolutely can become a network marketing director approved.

this step is the most important, because only with a clear and feasible and correct goals, in order to avoid detours and correct, fast.

rely on work to achieve the target

network marketing director and skill list, I began to plan to hold one by one. Here to give you specifically how I realized.

1 is implemented by working. For more than three years, I have done three jobs, I was able to do the work according to the list to find a job and change the plan. What do you mean, that is, I list some skills in the list, and then go to help me achieve these skills, can not achieve the work resolutely quit, even if wages higher; in the work after these skills mastered, then lists several to achieve this skill, then some skills for a new job (of course, if you can learn new skills in the original company, will continue to work in the original company, in fact, few companies can meet this requirement).

is used in this way, more than three years of my time for a total of three jobs, after the three job experience, I have mastered most of the skills in the list.

, of course, by this way to find a job is not so easy, because every time you find the work you are not familiar with the people, what you do, it will be used in the following.

spare time self accumulation

of the Internet industry, is one of the biggest advantages is that the conditions can accumulate work experience in spare time, for example, can build their own websites, a APP, and then to promote; can engage in a personal danger, and then go to the public, to promote the operation; can also open their own e-commerce website etc..

in his spare time to do these things, but also work experience, in the search for work will also be recognized, what

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