Brand marketing of enterprises

In 2012

"supplier development so rapidly, many small and medium-sized enterprises that want to expand the scale, to marketing their own brands, many companies rely on traditional SEO to achieve profitability for many years, by the middle of this year, adjust the search engine of SEO attitude leads to the traditional SEO technology has been unable to bring benefits for the enterprise and many enterprises are actively seeking a breakthrough, I think if you rely on the bucket optimization technology to achieve profitability has no reality, to the development of enterprises must learn marketing brand, which is SEO a higher level requirement, namely SEM.

SEM said, a lot of people think it is search engine marketing, concept is comprehensive and effective use of search engines to conduct online marketing and promotion, do not rely on search engine hunfanchi? In fact, I think the bucket, SEM should not be confined to the search engine, to achieve its value more to explore other ways, with limited personal understanding, more than the bucket up a few brand marketing methods, a new method, there are old, more than bucket views represent only the personal views, if not, also hope


SEO is just the initial stage of


many companies pay more attention to the SEO, SEO is the most intuitive that can bring benefits to the enterprise, so it is not concerned about the construction of the enterprise brand, this is not a point for long-term development, SEO has its own visual characteristics, namely the interests of visibility, but can not forget, in fact, the ultimate goal of SEO is SEM, and the ultimate aim of SEM is to profit, to long-term profitability, it is necessary to change the single SEO marketing means, do brand marketing, aided by SEO can realize the long-term profitability of


public platform Shirupozhu

to ask what is the most successful Tencent in the mobile platform products, there is no doubt that the non WeChat perfectly.



is the biggest characteristic of LBS based on, which is why WeChat this type of application are dubbed "YP artifact, WeChat can help you find you near the men and women users Tencent huge instant messaging based on WeChat, this product comes out, swept the entire mobile market. WeChat public brand is a marketing tool for enterprises tailored, can achieve real-time push message, automatic reply, his WeChat platform of two-dimensional code can be swept away to others informed that a large number of enterprise information, a lot of really fast. The novelty in this year, is still not very mature, particularly suitable for what kind of enterprise, so that it can maximize the use of the WeChat public platform, we are now in the research question, however, believe that after more than fighting, it is definitely one of the main stream of enterprise marketing tools required!


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