How to easily play viral marketing

to the Yin Cong believe about viral marketing, everyone will like me excited. First it has spread particularly strong, just like a virus is get in by every opening. Second it is highly aggressive, allowing users to accept it in the course of the unconscious and become a source of transmission of the virus. The word about viral marketing, to Yin Cong often think of once popular on both sides of the Changjiang River MLM organization. In fact, this type of MLM marketing concept with viral marketing is simply wonderful have different approaches but equally satisfactory results. The difference is similar to pyramid schemes focus on more is to expand the organization like, but focus on viral marketing is created in the form of expression of the. However, the common nature of both is to maximize the effect.

if you want to do viral marketing, the most important thing is to respect the laws of human nature. If you can not respect the law of human nature can not be formed by the explosion of the spread of the crack, and most likely in the first source of communication was completely rejected by the user. The second is viral marketing pays more attention to the silence like skill, let the audience can not see what is deliberately to trace, as if everything is naturally formed. What is a virus? That is, in a particular period of time will naturally occur, as if the flu, in the absence of contact with the infected.

first, what is the point to do viral marketing dissemination of the


to the Yin Cong had seen a book about viral marketing books, the author wrote several points to do viral marketing on the inside, to the Yin Cong tidied: 1, presented to the audience free products or services free of charge. 2, so that the audience can easily spread. 3, to do the most simple, from small to large. 4, the formation of common values. 5, make full use of the existing communication network. 6, by leveraging others valuable resources. Is it the theory of pie? I believe most friends look after these will feel foggy, may think there is not much maneuverability. Do not have the maneuverability of things like success, it is easy to let us full of excitement. but in the end nothing. According to Yan Cong and cognitive understanding of the network, today take the actual case to talk about viral marketing. In the world cup one day a friend on QQ sent me a picture, description of the husband and wife reached an agreement during the world cup every day to have sex again, but her husband was responsible for cooking dishes. Image watermarking is name of a website, this is the most common and most typical viral marketing case.

in this case we need to learn is to combine the Viral Marketing craze at the time. Now this society is the eyeball economy era, users are not love those things too observant of conventional standards. what is the background, then we spread is the marketing staff must first consider we are going to do viral marketing, this is a day when the problem. In the art a little about the flow, in a reasonable trend, we may throw a >

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