2013 medical SEO how to optimize

since entering the medical SEO industry, it was found that the medical industry is not so good. Since 2012, Baidu began a serious blow to the medical station, the owners had to raise vigilance on the. Now speaking of medical optimization, had to let a lot of peers have a headache, in the past year we have suffered a heavy blow, try a variety of methods will be key words to the home page position. But Baidu’s update, so that large sites lie in the gun, a serious blow to the enthusiasm of the webmaster!

2013, April Baidu algorithm adjusted once again focus on medical rankings, because Baidu once the adjustment algorithm almost all sites once returned to liberation, medical optimization ranking is the cloud, you have too much to handle! You experienced webmaster for the continuing attack already used, facing an update another algorithm, they have learned to adapt to change. In fact, Baidu recall such a blow of medical, there are several reasons: around 1 for our website itself, the user experience is not friendly, content quality is not high, the chain of garbage too much, excessive optimization. 2 we should also understand that we are not proportional to the optimization and bidding, Baidu in order to allow more companies to invest in bidding, to hit the optimization, many optimization are very common to bidding is around. 3 because the medical industry is a sensitive industry, it is easy to be restricted by policy.

but, even so, optimization is also there are way out, Baidu update algorithm is mainly aimed at the poor user experience of the website of Baidu, from this point of view is good. So, in the face of Baidu’s difficulties, how to optimize the medical industry do?

a, station optimization

for such a developed Internet community, every day there are tens of thousands of new sites, and these sites will have good every day, when so many websites into the Internet, to bring great impact on the Internet, then Baidu will have serious blow. Therefore, we are in the early days of the site on the site to do a good job to optimize the work, for new sites mainly include the following:

1, web site Keywords: home page keyword is the key to a web site. In addition, the column page and the content of the key words, these need to be ready before the site on the line. Because once the line, Baidu included, you of the site title of broad changes, Baidu will think that the site is not friendly, the law, will not give it a good impression, not to mention to your ranking.


site layout: the site layout is an important factor in the station optimization, a good frame layout directly determines the user experience, website bounce rate, personally think that a simple and clear layout allows users to quickly find what you want, to improve the user experience, so as to reduce the bounce rate, enhance the rate of the website to show.

3, the site open speed: users must pass

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