1 million of the value of the house why developers sell only 100 thousand

has heard of such a story, a real estate developer to sell the house, but this year the market we are not optimistic, it is off-season, so a large number of houses sold, so he went to see the expert advice, all the houses were he sold, and he went to the appropriate the price just to sell the house to rent out. Read this, you might think, what makes what ah, how to hear foggy? How could there be such a thing?

Oh, don’t worry, please allow me to say. The specific strategy is such that each set of house developers to sell, the average turnover to 1 million dollars, but his claim is this: 1 million of the house, now as long as a one-time payment of 100 thousand, the house is yours. However, you need to turn the house I rent, in a 10 year period, in the past 10 years, I come to collect the rent of the house, 10 years after the lease ended, the house is completely yours.

if you were a want to buy but not to live, will not be moved by his closing claim? In fact, there is such a demand of a few people, because the transaction that very tempting, but also conforms to the human nature, nature all the house was so to sell out. Because at the beginning of the development of the marketing strategy, we have done a lot of market research, found that many people have the housing demand, so the low price in the house rented out what nature is not difficult.

read this, you may question the authenticity of the story, but I want to say is that the design of this kind of insight into human nature, this new concept, this rapid and accurate execution ability, is not worthy of our marketing people to learn

?Let us look at the back end of the

sales strategy and profit model, because 10 years is a relatively long time, so the house can be various combinations of collocation to sell, even if the rent, you can at least flat before profit point. So, in the long run, these ten years of profit is huge.

actually, it is not difficult to find, to be bigger and stronger, their own business, whether it is online or not, now worth mentioning, should not put their eyes in his own small space, the Internet era is so. Innovation is the basic quality of a marketer. When all the people in the east to go, if you go east, if done well, it is difficult to go beyond. If you go west, go west and put into a solution to the problem, then you become a subversive.

how to attract the attention of others? In fact, go west has gained the attention of others, and turn their attention into productive forces is the next thing to consider. As a small and medium enterprises, how to optimize the internal of the enterprise, how to connect with the external resources is an excellent marketer to consider.

Then I talk about the

in this circle is similar to the Qin will see it. There are various types of circles on the Internet

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