How to let Baidu know promotion more effective

Why do

hospital network promotion will not give up Baidu know this platform I will not say, if there is no effect I think we won’t head squeezed gathers here. It is also because of the use of Baidu know do promotion by more and more people, the invalid garbage content more and more, Baidu is not a fool, certainly do not want their products are so mess up, so he has taken some measures to prevent deliberate promotion. For example, we often find new registered ID question is not successful, answer with URL submission failed, just submit a question will find missing, many successful quiz results after two weeks all have no, like these are all to Baidu know punishment.


although Baidu knows a lot of strategies to deal with the promotion, so that our work has increased a lot of difficulty, but this is a good resource we should not say give up give up. Even so, according to my understanding of the professional promotion team or 60 per person per day in the speed of the promotion of Baidu know, K rate is less than 5%, they are how to do it?

they will be aware of the promotion of the three stages of the Baidu

the first phase: raising the number of

can effectively do Baidu know promotion support number is very important, first registered a lot of Baidu account (usually a promotion personnel control account in 50-80, then each account between) take the initiative to answer the question, answer questions can range widely, so as to Baidu in the early stage of paralysis, let it feel you belong to this a normal account, continuous answers will account all raised to level two, actually two levels rise quickly, rise to 2 to 80 points, answer a question will get two points, even if you answer no one accepted, also only answer 40 questions can be raised to 2 then, there are new tasks plus an hour or a little number. Remember that only a ask, only answering a question, a number do not use ask yourself the arrogant manner (doing so will cause big hate limitations for the future promotion), but also not to speed the beginning to know the promotion of ranking (new number do so easily be K), is not easy to us registered account.

second phase: general promotion period

know when Baidu account rose to two even after through the observation period, followed by a question and answer with the nature of the promotion is not so easy to be K, at the same time, we can add related Q & a team, and set the promotion answer more safety range for themselves. But also need to control the promotion, out of the promotion to do the answer, the other public answer should be carried out at the same time, the proportion of general control at 1 to 2.

third phase: excellent promotion period

When the

accounts of more than 5, then used to promote it is Shuangwai, ranking is easy to answer questions over its.

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