How to achieve a qualitative leap in the Forum

what is the forum to promote

forum to promote, simply say that in the relevant forum is posted on the post (not pure advertising), in order to attract the attention of others, and ultimately achieve the purpose of promotion. The purpose of the forum to promote, is to achieve sales guidance, brand guidance, traffic guidance effect.

Then the key

to achieve these objectives is that: first, do not have to be removed to long time preservation on the site; two, to attract the eye, this is the first step to let users click success; three, to impress users, not enough light to see, but also to be able to touch the user’s nerve; four, someone interactive is an interactive forum to promote the essence.

before deciding what to do and how to do it, we first look at the forum to do the process of the promotion of a number of errors often occur in order to promote the smooth work of the forum. First of all, Forum promotion focuses on interaction with the interaction between users, not simply to post there, OK, if no one click, no one, no one believes that this is a failure of the post. Secondly, a quality problem, the release of the post number do not simply pursuit, to cause users like bombing stimulation, even at the time, will have a little effect, but the final effect is not long, and spend a lot of time to release the low efficiency of the post, should choose to achieve a multiplier effect on based on the pursuit of accurate. Finally, no matter what the end is to promotion, marketing services for, so, in the choice of forum must pay attention to whether the nature of the forum, we do the purpose of promotion, we should focus on the two aspects of word-of-mouth marketing and precision marketing.

practical operation theory guide

(I) forum selection

in the selection of the forum, should be concerned about the popularity of the forum and traffic, that is, the weight of the forum, such as Tianya forum, Baidu post bar is a very good post site.

(two) account maintenance

On the

, in which the forum post, don’t start to release, and the commercial nature of the post, once the administrator found your number, it is very likely to be blocked, so we should keep a low profile, to hold a service oriented attitude to help others, for others to solve substantive issues, establish the authority of the site you are, someone will say, if so, maybe the day job was gone, still in the maintenance stage number, it not worth the candle. Here, we need to pay attention to a skill: in the period of raising, can be released to promote the appropriate post, just pay attention to the proportion of the problem. And so we put the account to really set up, make enough popularity, good work.

(three) note the title of the post

title, is the eyes of the post, said people’s eyes are the windows of the soul. Then, the eye of a post is like a golden key, a good title, the most attractive attention, it is easy to increase the amount of hits, this

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