Positioning promotion and operation of local real estate network

the various types of real estate network, news, trading, online code is Mubuxiajie out of order. From the PW created the real estate sector, around the emergence of a lot of new real estate network, how to do real estate network, how to do real estate network operation, a lot of people have been studying, so I will now start to talk about this kind of website to do


, a website, first understand the market

because the company is ready to online real estate network, gave us a month to do research, first to understand what the real estate website on the market, the real estate website how hard conditions and soft technology, through which they can be more than. This is our first consideration.

hard condition is the company’s capital, personnel, and the current situation of the company’s earnings, and then consider how we short-term through less manpower, less capital investment to achieve the maximum effect;

soft technology is the content of the website content and its source, the site’s key words layout, their SEO technology level and degree;

First, we find the

news website of the opponent, a local real estate network, which has its own video, our reporter, advertising revenue is also very strong, if we and they fight for the advertising market, will certainly be the crowd out early, after all, people and developers of the network has been ripe, just two it will make our business more difficult times. So we try to avoid their business, perhaps temporarily avoid.

then we see the real estate transaction class, have to admire the boss, he saw a gap in the market before him, the Lu’an side did not do the real estate transaction website, and even some of the main line of the second city in the three line of the city, the real estate transaction websites, has begun to mature operation, such as live off. Such as housing, etc.. There are recent ad war in 58 and also on the market, the real estate transaction module to start a new innovation and market development.

finally we consider the profit point of the market where the final profit point is that if our website can help real estate brokers to sell the house, then it will certainly bring profits. Then we began to do the second-hand housing transaction platform!

two, seize the keyword

keyword not only look at the Baidu index, but also depends on market positioning and future trends!

we first began to check some of the Baidu keyword index, and found that the word "search Lu’an real estate network" than the word "Lu’an second-hand housing", this allows us to have a meeting to discuss, which word is more important! Because in the first-tier cities and second tier city. "Second-hand housing" search rate than "real estate net" high, but the Lu’an local but local characteristics, which mainly for the times, it is very difficult for us to decide. It also involves the following two problems:

1, we are using the new domain name

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