Reveal the secrets of my space surge quickly reaching 4000 daily

my space has changed a lot since my first article in August 3rd redefined my media.

is the first visit, these days are around 3000, today broke the 4000, and the amount of reading posts are about 400; secondly, the amount of points like the number of comments have been greatly improved, although there are a lot of praise is the second.

before someone said to do every day to read each article more than and 300, at least one year’s time, I actually believe.

but I do not believe, I started from the beginning of February, now August, updates are intermittent, wrote a total of 100 articles to visit, from the beginning of more than and 10 a day to about 3000 now, did not feel how hard ah.

it should not easily believe that others’ conclusion, personally try to know, not self handicapping, scaring themselves, dare to try, dare to improve, to find the best method, there are infinite possibilities.

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, section 22:02, 3301 visits, breaking 4000 did not cut back, forget the next time.


traffic is not high, do a jack type space, a few weeks to achieve this effect, however, I dare say, my space value, is worth a dozen or more daily visits 5000+ soup space.

so, how do I do it today to share and share, we want to inspire.

first, the use of multi platform proliferation, to guide fans gathered into the space mode

All the

I used to write, not just above the hair in the QQ space, also updated simultaneously in other platforms, one of the most commonly used is sent on behalf of the forum and the A5 station network, A5 station network is a very good platform, each article issued soon after the large turn, though many have been removed the copyright information, but also just as well, my main purpose is to save the A5 bottom, later met by article I can prove that make only superficial changes, he stole it from me. By the way, I opened a column in A5.

spread out through the multi platform, it is tantamount to grasping the seeds of a hand on the ground, sooner or later will be the result of germination. The article, I have to guide others to add my QQ or enter my space, this is the best way of primitive accumulation.

second, spatial content skills

you should have seen, sometimes access to space, in the latest inside there will be some old friends talk, and "recommended" two words, talk about this type, basically can be most friends to see, to avoid being overwritten may.

these are automatically recommended to the quality of the high quality of the system, to