Network marketing need to make good use of six psychological effects

marketing is actually inside, let the customer most willing to order.

since the hearts and minds, to know what customers want, called in.

but different products have different consumer groups, that is to say there are different points of pain, then their hearts inside the idea is not the same, can not summarize it?

, however, thousands of years of human life habits, or biological instinct, in fact, in the creation of a lot of common psychological characteristics (weaknesses).

so now to share some very practical psychological effect in the practical application of marketing.

, Matthew effect

Matthew effect, refers to the stronger the stronger, the weaker the weaker phenomenon.

said simply, can understand this: the more rich and famous people, the easier to get more resources, and more powerful; and the more anonymous people, the available resources are less and less, vicious spiral, continue to decline. Because people from the perspective of protecting the interests of their point of view, we are willing to icing on the cake, rather than timely assistance.

to others unless you can give timely assistance, great potential feeling, you are absolutely potential shares.

so, how to use Matthew effect?


is open Taobao, then brush sales, give praise. Brush to a very high time, Taobao is willing to give you free flow, buyers see your huge sales will be unconditional trust, a single purchase, to achieve a virtuous cycle, the stronger the stronger.

no matter what platform to sell, need to create a hot demand, your biggest hot atmosphere.

two, conformity effect

1, when most people have made the same decision, our judgment will drop rapidly, doubted whether correct, the final result is to go along with the public, buy what they buy, but also suffer losses together.

non conformity, the personal independence of conduct, mostly as SB.

2, when we do not know enough about a product, it will refer to other people’s decisions, when a lot of people make this decision, we will think that this decision is correct.

how to use the herd effect?

this is the best use of WeChat circle of friends, when we have a lot of WeChat fans, you do not need to sell products directly to them, just do a good job: a single day drying. Today who who bought, send chat screenshots, the use of the product photos; tomorrow and live yesterday sold a number of pieces, drying a lot of packages; the day after tomorrow, a customer orders directly to buy……

drying a day, more than a day to send pictures of products, product introductions and more effective. Even those who know nothing about us, see that every day