Zhang Hongchun a new approach to enterprise promotion

we can be seen everywhere PPC, SEO and the prevalence of overwhelming Adsense ads, and the recent fire up the Alibaba’s husband – Mom, why they can fire, on one hand they do well, more important is the strong demand for the enterprise website promotion and product promotion.

but the product of the enterprise, the service of the enterprise is not simply a few ads can express clearly. Business is very attentively to write their own products, in writing the company, in addition to writing these good articles posted on their website, in addition to serving in the limited space of media advertising, not too many places can be posted. We allow companies to build their own circle, is free to paste their own introduction, because you need to introduce your company in detail, introduce your services and products. Www.youkoubei.com has a reputation. For consumers, you can put forward pertinent comments here to allow enterprises to more objective understanding of their own, companies can also do some informal remarks on the appropriate control.

people pay more and more attention to the third party, and sometimes a person’s perception of a lot of people around the action. Enterprises need to be careful to guide them, and guide them to your business views, good advice needs to be adopted, good evaluation needs to be widely disseminated. Bad effects need to be dealt with. Otherwise, once the crisis, the consequences do not look at the idea.

so we are free for enterprises to provide a platform to display their own, soft release platform, www.youkoubei.com makes your business / product / service reputation.

you only need to register, and then build your business name named after the circle in the circle can be, you can freely release information, others can join your circle, and then post their posts and the information you post comments. We will extend these data to individual users.

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