Old customers is a good guarantee Taobao store business

why are the high – profile Taobao store business getting better and better, in fact, because they have accumulated a large number of old customers. Because the old customer trust, so it is equivalent to the shop countless pitchman. They have a word, better than you do 10 times advertising. So how to convert the customer into the old customer?

1, the customer as a friend to chat. I believe that many Taobao owner would try, a customer to come to him, they can scarcely wait to sell products. In fact, this is very offensive to each other, so we will change. My approach is to chat with each other, to communicate with each other, by the way to teach him some of his skills, often to the end of the conversation, he will buy a few things.

2, appropriate return visit. For consultation but did not order the customer, you can go back to the appropriate. Do not talk directly about the product, just talk about some of the daily things, then tend to gradually shift to the top of your product, there is a chance to make a deal.

3, to increase the group, especially the group of buyers. These places are a good place to chat, the conversion rate is very high. These relate to the popularity of the store pulled up skills, these in my blog about. High popularity, it is really easy to sell anything.

4, take the initiative. If the goods on their own shop, I offered to tell a client.

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