Cross border electricity supplier announced the completion of the foreign terminal B round of 100 m


technology news January 26th evening news, an internal e-mail cross-border Ocean Terminal founder Ceng Bibo was exposed, determined to complete the B round of $100 million financing, he recalls once financing were repeatedly refused in the mail, the following is the full text of the message:

fellow dock brothers:

I got the most money in my life in September 10, 2009, 800 thousand yuan, in October 1st, I went to Changzhou to start the foreign terminal project, the name of the time is not called the foreign terminal, called radish open the door

2010 I came into contact with Morningside capital Liu Qin, heard he relayed the original famous Lei first: air pigs can fly. We must take advantage of warning. Lei Jun also set up a venture capital fund called Shun fund. When we refused to morningside. (in fact, if we choose to invest in Morningside, today is not what Tmall International)

2011 I found the latitude and longitude, latitude and longitude analysts so far are still saying that we do is shell sea transport, my heart has been crying "are you and your family do transport", until the beginning of the 2014 Shao Yibo wants to invest US when we have signed and Saif investment agreement change without operation, Beijing Jingwei Wang Huadong Zhang Ying turned the cast ability of Internet product CN is today the sea Amoy Amoy honey.

the second half of 2012 I once again find Morningside Liu Qin, I think I only touched him is my stubbornness and persistence, he exhorted me within the range of Ali no smoke, I said if I ma personally run business immediately put off the ocean terminal. The Morningside denied me again.

at the end of 2012, I also find the strategic investment Alibaba, see the two figure known as Ali Xie Shi Huang Simon, in-depth analysis of our business model and plan book, after the first half of 2013 June, Tmall international was born.

in 2013 August, I found our forwarder APEX looking for strategic investment, the other said you Bei Hai ocean pier is not worth the money, but also the value of money, the price is up 40 million yuan package, to give you 20 million, accounted for a large share of? I refused, today APEX copy Bei Hai walking operation mode take the Tianjin port logistics business Chinese Amazon direct mail.

2012 May we gave the whole company layoffs, I was 30 at the time, only a few people wrote the famous "darkness before the dawn" message, a sentence is inscribed: "to the resurgence and we can not the vision of the VC children’s shoes so loudly shout: sorry, I have a pro, price


well, in 2013, we are full of blood all year round resurrection, up to now, yes, we have the price, and the price of a lot, a lot of a lot of that up to today I do not understand…..

yes, you can guess what I want to say

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