How to promote the construction of local community forum

although the integrated community forum now is not a few, but now the development of individual local forum was also very good, there are 19 Building community, as a representative of Wuhan local forum and so on, along with the social division of labor is more and more detailed, I think the local forum will exceed the growth of highly integrated forum, so do the local forum the operation is particularly important, as a local forum webmaster, more important is to attract and retain the traffic flow.

I’m going to talk about how to improve the local forum website traffic and keep the site traffic, I also operate a local forum, the following combination of my own forum to talk about how to do.

1, simplify the forum registration procedures, no matter what we are forum, we all can be simplified in the first step, I think a good forum program should be registered user name and password, the user’s mailbox, phone users, with these steps can let users reply in the forum, this is the first step to retain customers, if your forum at this time also thought that multiple process steps are registered, that is a waste of your resources.

2, learn to use multiple account login, the better the forum can be shared by QQ and Sina account login, then your forum as it should be, I say this person is very lazy, when to enter the forum reply post oneself does not want to separate registration, so registration also remember, so each time using QQ login, if the forum does not provide this function, then I will give up the first time. Therefore, I suggest that many of the webmaster forum login in the account of some Kung fu.

3, released the local popular information on this part of the post post, I think it should be more efforts, the title of the post to attract people, to be able to cause others to click, also have new ideas, we think about it if you post can attract a person, that person to help you propaganda, so you can end this post will not affect the number of people to 1000 people, because the local forum is the biggest characteristic of special things, and these are the local forum available.

4, vigorously carry out special activities, a popular forum to have activities, and will then become practical activities combined with special activities, I think a local forum less features in the early development activities must be as a support, such as every week to go to the local forum member organization the characteristics of tourist attractions, or organize people to drink tea, although these simple but can enhance the feelings between each other.

5, enhance the brand strength, the local forum to develop what? By popularity, while local popularity of the forum is the source of the local people, so you also willing to advertise in the local promotion, I think the more effective way of promotion in the supermarket, wide field, near the school, where the crowd gathered, promotion the effect is better. If local allowed on a taxi

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