Network marketing system of small and medium sized enterprises

with the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises choose network marketing, choose Baidu promotion or other marketing channels, so we should consider is how to make the maximum profit, how to make enterprises to construct transaction system with limited funds and other resources conditions.


lack of funds for SMEs is a fatal factor, if not a reasonable budget will be assigned to the appropriate way to promote a cause can not return the funds, more is a waste of advertising, a problem at the same time small and medium-sized enterprises still face the low brand awareness, some people will think I said this it is nonsense, the small and medium-sized enterprise advertising is limited, less likely to spend more money to "hit" advertising, so the brand awareness is certainly low, so today I mainly talk about how to do is the small and medium enterprises can not only in Limited advertising costs to make performance also can enhance the visibility of the enterprise. If you are a project manager or business owner, so please be patient to read, you belong to the transaction system structure of the enterprise; if you are trying to project manager, then learn to understand, if you have a better idea we communicate together.

The main transaction system

talk today from the search front visitors search habits, search stage of enterprise profits doubled, traded two times / track pin back to potential customers and clients, the main way of promotion is the network alliance, bidding, WeChat public platform, suitable for the majority of enterprises at the same time, in this article, I will for example, give you a better understanding, so I continued to follow the idea of this system.

, a network alliance (search front visitors search habits)

I said today WebUnion is generalized Wangmeng, such as Baidu promotion network alliance, there are other channels of soft, hard wide etc..

maybe someone will ask me: "Xiao Yao why generalized network alliance is search front visitors search habits?"

I explain, visitors purchase stage is different (before I wrote about subdivision stage visitors to buy articles, do not know can go to my blog to read this article), some visitors to our company’s products / services are not interested, we through the Baidu promotion website or interest oriented network alliance let the visitors have directional demand, so our purpose is achieved, and we put the hard and soft, these people only need to read, remember our brand OK, we have to do is to train the visitor’s search habits, at the same time enhance the brand awareness of enterprises.

one may argue me, how can small and medium-sized enterprises already facing the problem of shortage of funds will take these "waste" advertising? Don’t worry, is not the end, we allocate budget reasonably, with 10% of the budget to do network alliance.

at the same time, some people will say that this can not bring profits to the enterprise, the enterprise can not survive ah, then please continue

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