A clinic doctors know the website triggered feelings

half a month ago, someone sent me a lot of information on my QQ. I thought it was an advertisement. When a few days to see this information, found that he was looking for me to do. Then I will contact him, he decided to do.

he is a doctor, he would like to do a website to promote his technology, it seems that there is no need to take medicine without injections can treat pain. Of course I don’t know if it’s true or not, he just wants to advertise his technology on the Internet so that everyone knows it. Even the tiger is the main site, customers want to do, we to do it, did not ask the other. But he didn’t have to pay money for a few weeks later, said the bank had a holiday, then said a few days, Monday did not pay no money straight to his website.

When a few days before the

, he called me, said to do. He thought of him. I don’t know what he’s doing for half a month. Even the tiger website website is cheap as long as 300 yuan. I think this half a month, why didn’t he find someone else to do the site, also too far to find me to do. But I do have to do is to pay, they are willing to, really strange. When he paid a good money, I will do a good job for him. This is his website: Neurology specialist, I just gave him a good job today.

I didn’t know what he was doing, but today he sent me a copy of his home page. I can’t help thinking a lot. Because of the fact that a clinic has to use the network to promote his technology, and the age is not large, listen to the phone. For a clinic to promote their website technology, while other businesses and enterprises will get what you want.

network, has entered the tens of thousands of households. It can be said that young people like to surf the Internet, even the older people also like to surf the internet. Network is a trend, now do business with the network to promote their products. Even if there is a website to publicize. Even the Tiger Network website as long as 300 yuan, I do not believe some people do not even have 300 dollars. I have three websites. A year to renew it two hundred dollars. However, the role of these two hundred dollars how much do you know.

says nothing about himself, but I do. I’m a wholesale Pizhou toy. I have a toy website is the Pizhou even tiger toy wholesale network may think there is a website what great, also do not have much use. In this way, we look at the wholesale Baidu toy wholesale Pizhou word, look at the first place in the Baidu home page is not my site. Of course, Baidu promotion site is not. As long as some people want to wholesale toys in Pizhou, Baidu is a search to find my site.

has done this site, often received a phone call to the goods, many of which are found through the tiger toy website. There are several toys wholesale in Pizhou. But they’ve been doing business for decades. Age is also big. I’m just a guy, but I know the Internet

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