Business merchants don’t play marketing play into idiotic

China is a wonderful market, the sale of our products has really achieved the degree of marketing is greater than the nature of the goods. Many people say that this is the characteristics of the new era.

I want to say. The characteristics of your face.

what is the logic of business.

effective commodity – – to the customer

what is an effective commodity, is able to meet the customer needs of the goods, and the more affordable the better

What is required for

customers, you need to be natural products or marketing "brainwashing" customers (detailed: diamond, one can not eat a little luster, texture hard point broken stone, selling tens of thousands. Is the best example of marketing brainwashing (


based on the above analysis of business logic to look at the major businesses are now doing things in Taobao

move to engage in promotions, shop decoration. Although customers will like. But customers often do not know what they want. You just meet him, in the end, he niwai you died. As a businessman, you have to meet the customer at the same time more forward-looking than him. Otherwise, sooner or later the market will have to play a crash.

for example. The tree is worth it? The trees don’t have time to take care of it. If we can cut free. Naturally, it is estimated that about ten years, as long as someone’s place, a few hundred kilometers radius. All the peaks will become bald.

so what comes next. Is the deterioration of air quality, is a raging sandstorm, is a stronger greenhouse effect and other geological disasters. Then, the human is over

so, businesses have to pay attention to the negative effects of your crazy promotions to the user, the negative effects brought to the market.

so crazy promotions in the path, how to operate.

The following are some of my own

take iPhone for example. Market promotion and more than iPhone mobile phone with iPhone? Than low price mobile phone have? Why not cut to iPhone, no gifts for the case, everyone berserk. Why iPhone did not make great efforts to engage in various marketing circumstances, consumers to dig three feet to make Taiwan with smuggled goods.

because, iPhone is really an effective commodity. At the peak of iphone.

appearance, it is unique. Performance, it is unique. Fame, it is unique. Function, it can not be said to be unique, really a lot of smart phones APP store spike.

in front of iPhone, when all the smart phones are smart toys

what can Chinese local businesses do?. Marketing, marketing, or marketing. Advertising, advertising, not death >

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