Red tiger Amoy money blog marketing success

in the blog network marketing is a classic case, South Korea is one of the housewives, use their own good at cooking cooking experience blogging and earning thousands of dollars experience. The reason for the success of this case, according to my analysis, there are the following:

one is the use of their own professional and strengths to write stroke passengers. Although for the purposes of a housewife, according to the truth is not what can be written, but clever in using a housewife is good at cooking and cooking of the housewife’s strengths and disadvantage into advantage, housewives are also weaknesses strengths. Recognize their position, will naturally lead to the same group of housewives resonance, and each share of the practical family recipes can also attract the interests of the majority of cooking enthusiasts. The precondition of success is to master, learn and use the knowledge in a certain field. If the housewife is not sharing their cooking skills and cooking techniques, but rather to write about the workplace experience, I think this is a doomed failure of the passengers.

two is a unique, original, interactive, and readable individual experience. The most important function is to be able to share their unique personal experience, the world’s wonderful is also composed of a variety of people and ideas. This blog can be interpreted as a personal thought, ideas, knowledge sharing on the internet. Without his personal experience I think it will not attract anyone, no readability and the one and only knowledge and experience from the feelings of the "person" and write stroke the meaning of high quality content will naturally bring high traffic.

three is to have a clear positioning, the housewife is cooking and cooking. Now the market is more and more precise segmentation features, only to make more accurate positioning of the target is more accurate, the first market to do product, first find the object more on the method, so as to form a specific blog circle because each blog has a similar interests, and mutual influence between this blog within the circle of large, relatively high degree of credibility, interactive communication between friends is also very strong, so you can create the reputation effect and brand value is very big. Although the individual blog traffic absolute value is not necessarily great, but the audience clearly targeted very strong, the advertisement unit value of nature is relatively high, can create the brand value is far from the traditional way of advertising can be compared, interactive communication is strong, the degree of trust is high, the most important is the effect of good reputation.

therefore, do a good marketing blog for Amoy promotion is very important, for example, if you are adept at one aspect of the research of the product, they can engage in such a marketing blog, because only you are good at and interested in, you can write more professional thing, others it is easy to accept and believe in your point of view. For example: familiar with IT can write a variety of digital mobile phone evaluation, familiar with the beauty makeup can do beauty skin care, special whitening. There is a write off passengers do not have to be an expert, you can also write their own learning and growth experience, I remember the Alibaba stroke

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