Network marketing new method Daquan marketing everywhere

network marketing method for network operators are familiar with, the method is very simple; now we have to do a creative in the simple method, can play a multiplier effect, otherwise it will be less effective; we should learn to find the "new", in a calm and natural heart to do things; the Internet emphasizes "sharing" we will have the "first time" to share what we need most people.

This marketing knowledge type

(BaiDu): as Baidu know, search (SOSO) questions and so on, through the relationship between users and mutual assistance, "the chain reaches a certain promotion effect; according to the classification into their own good channel to answer in the circle of mutual aid, enhance your visibility, to produce a" tape "; perfect extension of your personal data, reasonable nature appeared to express their own content.

example: Baidu know:

Search ask: spi=1& sr=1& qf=20& rn=1& qs=4&

we pay attention to the bottom of the reference and map logo, to make full use of the rational allocation of resources to help users solve the user needs.

News — marketing: event marketing, for news marketing depends on the entities under the line of some major meaningful activities, can produce social effects, planning organizations have positive significance on the activities, thus creating a "hot news", eventually causing the media and social concern, and achieve a kind of marketing method the.

— micro-blog marketing: a new marketing method is nearly two years out, the key point is how to organize advertisements; at the same time, this is also related to your product or service marketing foundation and user groups the size of the problem.


— Witkey marketing: there is a relationship between the tender and the reward of Witkey marketing, a marketing point in the bidding period is your products and services exhibition.


— Network Reds: network Reds which is on the network in recent years especially the detonation heat of a topic, but how to use it, is worth a good reflection, Taobao inside the Reds, entertainment have also broke some of the network reds, if you are doing the products and services you can consider the Taobao mode of reds, especially for clothing, in each other’s permission.

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