A5 source November website source key updates and recommendations

A5 source code (http://s.down.admin5.com) to bring you the latest free site code update recommended in November.

community forum

SpaceBuilder V3.0 release

detailed introduction and download address: http://s.down.admin5.com/net/2274.html

SpaceBuilder is a asp.net based MVC veteran Web2.0 platform. Combined with blog, group, forum, micro-blog, sharing, photo albums, documents, activities, voting, information and other application modules, you can quickly build a one-stop online community with SNS characteristics.

V3.0 version adhere to the user experience first, the performance of a new high concept, in the performance, experience details, functional modules, many improvements, recommended attention.

iWebSNS 1.1.0 official release

detailed introduction and download address: http://s.down.admin5.com/php/28260.html

iwebSNS for site users to provide a friendly and easy to use personal information and message management Ajax interface. Through it, we can easily build a relationship with friends as the core communication network, so that site users through space, log, dynamic, friends, groups, photo albums, letter, message board, mood and other functions module record, display and share life; dynamic understanding of friends.

iWebSNS 1.1.0 new event activities, ask it, Trojan scanning and other functions, and to improve the definition of user data, product installation, imitation irrigation mechanism, optimize the function to enhance performance, A5 source to recommend this month.

CMS system

dynamic easy v3.6.2010.10.28 version released


detailed introduction and download address: http://s.down.admin5.com/net/6090.html

Content management system

SiteFactory is easy to move following the SiteWeaver CMS based on Microsoft.NET2.0 platform to offer a classic content management system, the system adopts.NET 2 layer development, flexible product architecture, tight security, unlimited scalability and flexibility, can construct efficient information and information websites advanced WEB2.0 application.

This version of

does not function change, just repair the known bug improve product stability.

PHP168 station system v6.02 enhanced version released


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