Map combined with community 365 map network to create a new model of electronic map

              according to iResearch (iResearch) released the "2008 China online map information service research report", 2008 China online map services market size has doubled growth, the overall market size reached 1 billion 50 million yuan, an increase of 110% in 2007. Despite such a large market, but most of the electronic map business was not profitable, fuzzy profit model has become a bottleneck to hinder the development of the industry, is also a map of business survival must face and solve problems. How to find a mature and effective profit model is an important problem for the development of industry.Day before

, 365 well-known map navigation map provider Ritu’s ( to create a "new model of electronic map based community", the model to map service life for the concept, to meet the needs of users changing all kinds of life information for the mission will map and properly a combination of community, to press time, 365 map in a few months time in Guangzhou has successfully launched 22 communities, 3 communities in Beijing, Foshan 1 community, the community mode 365 map network will be in the national promotion, and will gradually cover the whole country each big city.



              through careful analysis, summed up the 365 map network community model has the following three characteristics:

1 detailed classification navigation

365 map network communities site navigation scientific classification in detail, according to the POI hot food, housekeeping, supermarket stores, home maintenance, Flower & Gift Shop, health care, education and other categories, and in the form of the map labeling, basically covers all the basic necessities of life and the surrounding community of business information; in addition, website also provide residents with a variety of electronic coupons, the community and the surrounding merchant discount information caught, it brings great convenience to the community residents’ consumption.


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