Beauty shot running two community self draw further apart

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this is a coincidence story.

February 19th, Baidu released the first official version of the United States took on the iOS platform, released a new version of Android in February 21st; a month earlier, Baidu beat the United States client has been launched in a non official channels, then put the word "real beauty self community". March 6th, the United States in the first version of the iOS platform released the first version, as the self artifact + community".

The first

products mentioned above, Baidu launched the "Baidu beauty shot second, Meitu Xiu Xiu launched the" beauty shot". The two companies in the very near time, the introduction of the product is very similar to the name. This is a coincidence.

March 14th, the United States and the United States through the official channel Baidu massive publicity channels, said once released into the apple App Store social applications list top 4". Seems to be in line with this round of publicity, the third party monitoring shows that from the beginning of the evening of 13, Baidu beat the United States in App Store social class free list ranking, from 60 to 10 or less quickly pulled up.

beauty shoot also force in the same period. In March 10th, App Store still photography and video class free list ranked 168 in the United States to shoot, March 13th has jumped to the first. Not only that, the United States took the App Store free overall standings performance than the Baidu beauty more eye-catching: in March 15th, the United States took aboard the App Store free list first.

coincidentally, the United States took the top when Baidu is the United States took the first day of publicity, but this time Baidu beat the United States in the total list of the top 100 free outside. This is an interesting phenomenon, the user see Baidu beauty took the news to App Store to download the trial, starting after the discovery of the installed beauty shot from Meitu Xiu Xiu.

from the surface, it is like the United States with the United States pat Baidu shoot propaganda. However, this is just a kind of imagination, a general news can not be so obvious driving force. But this still let Baidu some anger not yet appeased.

this sentiment is not difficult to understand, from Baidu’s point of view, the United States and the United States and the official release of the first version of the iOS and Android version two have, the result is more beautiful after the release and only iOS version of the United States beat. Especially the two products are put together, Baidu products used in naming, looks completely to wipe out the first release of the facts.

Meitu Xiu Xiu is really on the way deliberately "cut" Baidu


, we did not expect Baidu will be with us at the same time, the introduction of the same name, positioning little difference products. This is completely contrary to our expectations, "said Wu Xinhong CEO of sina and Meitu Xiu Xiu. He cited a number of examples, has been registered under the trademark for the United States took two years ago, domain name is in the hands of Meitu Xiu Xiu.

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