2014 raise ten events West master anti mu Jingdong high profile approach

in the first quarter of 2014, raising the total amount of about 52 million 450 thousand yuan to raise the public, including raising the public to raise funds raised $5 million 200 thousand, raise public equity raise $47 million 250 thousand. 2014 second quarter cumulative fund-raising $135 million 460 thousand, an increase of $158.3%, of which the amount of fund-raising to raise the public to raise the amount of $27 million 80 thousand, an increase of 420.8%, raising the amount of public equity raised $108 million 380 thousand, up by 129.4%. The third quarter of 2014, the total amount raised to raise funds reached $275 million 860 thousand, compared with the previous quarter, an increase of 103.6%, to raise the public to raise up to $73 million 20 thousand to raise public equity reached $20284. Is expected in the fourth quarter, raising a total amount of all the chips will reach 445 million yuan, including 99 million 980 thousand yuan reward to raise public equity raise 344 million 820 thousand yuan. Can be seen in the congregation to raise the scale in 2014, each quarter has reached more than doubled the momentum of growth, China’s domestic industry is still at the stage of rapid development. Back in 2014, although the financial pattern of the Internet, all the chips also only a small part, as well as the P2P that make people mad, but it is still a big event, stimulate our nerves, microscope, lead a person to endless aftertastes, on the occasion of the new year, let us come on.

big event one: named time departure, profit model unknown

named time in April 2014 announced the transformation of the first platform for intelligent hardware, and in August 1st held a farewell to the congregation to raise the media communication will be completely torn to the public to raise labels. The platform on the line in May 2011, spent three years to become the largest public platform.

all the chips in the domestic development facing the greatest difficulties in fuzzy profit model, all the chips themselves are often confined to a certain field, the audience is less, the lack of large flow, and no clear profit point, such as the division of time like groping for three years, many bogs are still unable to break through the profit model, had to leave sadly many, the congregation raised platform will remain profitable.

how to achieve raise profit, is the problem of each platform to raise the public, can not solve the profit model, the development of the industry to raise the public is very unfavorable, any enterprise and industry eventually be profitable, unprofitable enterprises is not good business, a new year let us explore together, to earn profit in the way of tiny bit today, ask you a sound, you black


big event two: Jingdong high-profile approach, strong brother advance equity

August 1, 2014, and has been named time to cooperate for six months has been a long Jingdong mall, decided to cut into the mouth from the smart hardware, into the congregation to raise the field. By using the powerful platform to raise the Jingdong quickly has made a space for one person in the hardware and in public services, real estate, equity to raise public areas courageously forward.

September 22, 2014, three dads smart air purifier Jingdong raised online, half an hour to do the 500 thousand, two hours in 1 million, in October 22nd raised 1122>

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