Phoenix turned over the League was sentenced to 500 thousand yuan Sina infringement compensation

due to the dispute over the right to broadcast the tournament, sina will Phoenix court claims ten million yuan. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, Chaoyang Court of first instance found and LETV cooperation to show the event behavior, violation of Beijing Sina Internet Information Service Co. Ltd. has on the events of the picture copyright, all operators and decision surplus Beijing days Kyushu Network Technology Limited company to stop infringement and compensation for Sina Internet the company 500 thousand yuan of economic losses. It is reported that this is the city’s first broadcast dispute caused by sports events.

broadcast Super League defendant

it is reported that, according to the regulations of FIFA, the Chinese Football Association statute, the Chinese Football Association is the original owner of the rights of the super tournament. In March 8, 2006, Limited Liability Company (referred to as the Super League Super company) has only authorized resources development and operation of the Super League agent authorized by the China FA, valid for ten years, including the Super League TV, radio, Internet and multimedia copyright.

in March 7, 2012, the company signed an agreement with sina Internet company, Sina Internet company agreed to enjoy exclusive play in the Super League video portal in the field of rights, for the period from March 1, 2012 to March 1, 2014. To avoid ambiguity, the agreement also stated a special number of Internet portals and business there is competition between the same or in any form or in broadcast taped events, including

in September last year, Sina Internet company said the prosecution, August 1, 2013, the company found that VS provides live Luneng in the super channel bodied, prominently marked and Shen Xin VS game sainty. Phoenix all operations and Fang Tianying Kyushu company without legal authorization, illegal broadcast Super League live video, violated the company enjoys the copyright of the sports event program works, and constitute unfair competition. In addition, Tianying Jiuzhou company grab economic interests, the diversion of user attention and site traffic, requesting the court to order the company to stop infringement and compensation for economic losses of 10 million yuan.

days of Kyushu company believes that sina Internet company sued the law, football tournament is not the object of copyright law protection, the right to enjoy sports events do not necessarily enjoy the right to sports events. Sina Internet has not been authorized by the author, and its access to a major flaw in the authorization.

as the third litigant company LETV denied the existence of joint tort, and although the company said Tianying Jiuzhou company had the domain name to have cooperation, but the competition without cooperation, broadcast events not from letv.

first instance verdict constitutes infringement

The court held that the

, according to "FIFA constitution", "Chinese Football Association" and authorization procedures, Sina Internet company in the contract period, enjoy in the portal area of exclusive broadcasting, communication, broadcast and video of the Super League all rights and take all legal means to prevent the third party.

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