Website promotion trilogy written soft Wen quickly improve the visibility of the site

Someone asked me: "why can you stand in such a short period of time in the webmaster circle has a high visibility?" In fact, in terms of promotion, many methods can be used, such as writing soft, such as noisy do, such as SEO.

              webmasters are most concerned about the flow of the site, the most needed skills is to promote skills, money making skills. On the promotion of skills have been written by someone else rotten, some of these methods is almost every have, that is the classic technique. Although the classic technique may not be as effective as the classic imagination, Internet users are now more and more smart, but also more and more hate what pure AD information. It’s no wonder that other people are going to blame us.

          today I talk to you. Talk about how to write soft.

                the advantages of soft wen:

    1 content to help the reader, although the purpose is to promote the site, but usually easy to accept.

    2 soft Wen easily reproduced by others, the more the more the effect of the transfer.

    3 soft Wen is not simply to promote the site, but also to promote their own, write more articles, it is easier for everyone to know you, is conducive to future cooperation between the web site.

            soft Wen written:
            Title: the title to the more attractive, the title is not attractive, many people will not see your article, you write the soft, again good also useless. Soft Wen wrote the title to consider two points.
    1 should pay attention to what the popular online, for example, during that time, Zhang Yu is hot, everyone in the discussion, you write the soft Wen through Zhang Yu leads, such as the subject "Zhang Yu, can I call you a prostitute?".
    2 to be concerned about the issue of users, such as the relationship between personal webmaster and make money, you can start from this point of view. For example, the topic to learn five strokes, so that the site for you to make money, let your website traffic for three months to reach 1WIP

              content: write the soft Wen must let others see your article can learn something, but in learning things can remember your site. Pure >

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