Talking about why the website is suitable for selling products

China has many website owners personal operation, and most of them are in disorderly fashion to do, the quality level website is uneven, to begin to do a website are very confused, until a long time to realise that can use a website to make money, so muddleheaded frantically to find money products or projects and after a year or a longer period of time, after the process of being cheated cheated cheated again, thought very deep experience with a friend that rely on the network to make money is false, do not know their own ideas from the starting point is wrong.

network is a virtual but can bring the actual effect to my thing, I do website including after a long time is very confused in the website before, but my starting point is very clear, I just want to through their own websites or through the network to make money, so I was really confused. Don’t know how to make my first pot of gold, which makes me confused is I have no products do not sell products, do not tell me that advertising revenue, small owners are unlikely to have advertising revenue at the beginning, then even if there is that it would be famous in your website, until I learned SEO a series of tutorials, I found the Internet for selling profits products, because of what? We small owners generally do not own the product, sell products so that we can get profits in the business after the transaction A handsome Commission, as long as you keep your website traffic and conversion rate is enough, after browsing your website in the 100 person, can have 10 or more people to buy what you sell, then your website in order to have a good income, for example you sell products a single transaction can be extracted from hundreds of pieces of the Commission, so one day turnover of a single month income is also very good, but if your website is selling commission very few products, then you might one day turnover of tens or hundreds of single to single. But this for our small Adsense is almost not realistic, if not the individual or enterprise to a large number of wholesale something products, they will find a large site or wholesale enterprises, is not looking for the station resources like us.

so we do website optimization and promotion in the rankings, will start to choose the right for our products, don’t say you can’t find such products, casual look to find a lot of, see you with no heart, no station webmaster don’t want to raise their income, see in this paper, you may immediately think of what you are familiar with the product, what are you waiting to go.

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