From the mobile power crisis to see millet hunger marketing

mobile power quality problem has attracted much attention recently, the National Quality Inspection Bureau of the national mobile power one test, the sampling of 32 batches of products, 224 samples, including in recent years in the limelight millet products, even all the quality problems. As daily necessities, quality can not be guaranteed, who should be responsible for this?

mobile power quality gate

said the administration of quality inspection, sampling of mobile power is mainly the existence of "virtual standard capacity, the output voltage is too low or too high, not flame retardant plastic housing and heavy impact may be shorted spontaneous combustion and other security risks.

7 batches of the core capacity, that is, the test value of the power supply capacity is significantly lower than the value of the label, the overall rate of failure of 53.1%, that is, there are more than half of the capacity of the virtual phenomenon. Marked capacity of more than 10000 Ma mobile power supply, about 2/3 virtual phenomenon exists, the price of less than 150 yuan in the mobile power supply capacity of the problem of the existence of virtual. Among them, millet brand 5200 Ma mobile power supply capacity deviation rate of more than 50%. The deviation is more a "three product" rate of more than 74.6%.

according to the congregation to raise the understanding of the sampling of 32 batches of mobile power in the core impact test, there are 6 batches of fire and explosion, as well as a mobile power in the removal of the short circuit and spontaneous combustion. Even more noteworthy is that the vast majority of mobile power supply output voltage does not meet the requirements, 32 batches of mobile power samples only 3 batches meet the requirements.

from the beginning of 2012, the domestic mobile phone shipments reached 30 million, is expected in 2015 shipments will reach more than 50 million. Such a huge figure behind it implies a greater security risks.

millet busy duty

CCTV report, millet on micro-blog issued a statement to respond.

millet said in a statement, the company in the CCTV reported before is associated with national quality inspection administration personnel contact, millet mobile power is not involved in the sampling survey purchased from millet official channels or authorized channel products. The problem with the test is the Shanzhai product. Millet company also stressed the suffering of cottage products, and the sampling detection is cottage goods rather than millet genuine.

millet statement failed to whitewash "quality problems", more into public relations questioned embarrassing situation: even CCTV, the quality supervision departments can not buy regular products, people how to identify true


hunger marketing millet

here, we have to talk about the "hunger marketing millet have a unique style". Millet has been on the marketing strategy is also criticized. Not millet mobile phone production, but Lei Jun in the delay. Millet to attract attention with low pricing. When we are concerned about millet, millet and then a shortage of supply, slowly dragged, only a small number of foreign sales of mobile phones. There must be a few people who can buy it, but

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