Three simple tools to help you collect and optimize marketing data

chasing (Ambulance) is one of the oldest marketing tricks.

put this way of selling bad reputation aside, Ambulance chasing, in fact, means that when looking for potential customers, you need to look for those who have a signal, and then follow them, until they came back to life (interest), rather than looking for those products to you are not interested in people.

produced using traditional methods of marketing guidance cues, such as trade fairs and a list of products and so on, these now have no what effect, because when the traditional marketing way to contact you at the moment, in fact, it means that you have left behind, especially in today, the efficiency of most traditional marketing methods are very low. In order to achieve your desired sales goals, your sales leads to the need for continuous business or personal service. In addition, the potential customers also want you to help them provide a more mature and effective solutions.

today, the Internet provides a wealth of opportunities, many online resources also provide a large amount of available data, which can help you find high-quality marketing clues. However, if these potential data without the support of professional application analysis, you can not find a suitable marketing methods, and ultimately can only watch the data is exhausted. This article will provide three tools to help you optimize marketing data and tap your potential customers.

1 "public resource tracking: Google news (Google Alerts)

cost: free

most people will use Google alerts to track the goods of their competitors, news and information. If you know can provide information for potential customers "trigger words" Google alerts can be a very good, and free tools, they can generate the most popular marketing.

a few examples, if you sell products is related to the IT management service, you can put the news keyword set to "application terminal"; if you are selling a search engine optimization (SEO) software, you can put the news keyword set to "marketing optimization".

advantages: Google alerts is free, and the installation is very simple.

and disadvantages: Google search itself, Google alerts need accurate information to improve the accuracy and phrases. In addition, Google alerts can not cover the patented product or exclusive manufacture and sale of products, also can not cover the social resources.

2 LinkedIn & Twitter tool: LinkedIn Saved Search, Socedo

cost: free value-added

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