Network marketing Nirvana the influence of marketing group

While waiting for the train at the station,

was told that the train was delayed due to an element of resistance. In the middle of the urgency, I first thought of the solution is to contact a social media on the understanding of a ticket agent, commissioned on behalf of the train on behalf of the day, and credit card information fully informed. 10 minutes later, I breathed a sigh of relief and everything returned to control. I want to hide in the behind, is I to the agents of infinite Trust: by phone, credit card information will be fully informed to the met, without the cooperation of the agents. Of course, my trust is based on the social media attention and recognition of the group. In such a group, I and the other groups in the relationship between the individual closer, more efficient communication between each other.

looks at some of the key factors we consider in making a decision:

1 decision expectations: the expected outcome of this decision. Direct our decision making.

2 decision risk: the risk of doing this decision. Whether there will be fraud or serious opposition and expected.

3 decision cost: time, effort, and opportunity cost in decision making.

look at these factors, often in a group of identity in the decision, they are in place, and there are significant differences.

in the identity of the circle, the circle of description, will increase our expectations and sense of identity based on mutual trust, in the transaction process (either information or physical), the risk is greatly reduced and the cost will be reduced. This in such a traditional and particularly in the country.

Dell successful marketing case on Twitter, let the world relish. At the same time, we opened a micro blog marketing window. And I believe that this is just a drop in the bucket, based on Internet, use group influence, to carry out marketing using the group identity model can greatly reduce the cost of marketing, customer relationship maintenance. So, we need to go through what means to achieve? Macro water heater repair: to elaborate their own opinion:

1 provides a contrast object: if you can’t do it better, it’s a bad comparison. This seemingly Q ideas, but really effective. As closed choice question, the answer will be far greater than a probability the same problem as the opening of the subject, in the choice of the user identity, will greatly enhance the probability of course, this also depends on the role of the options.

2 set up groups and topics with distinct characteristics: use values and ideas to guide people to identify rather than simply focus on. For example: Baidu post bar, the attention of countless, but the identity is not necessarily so much.

3 offers benefits to both the identity and the potential identity: the benefits of a coupon or priority, and so on, will make the user feel

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