Are you still doing print ads

last year, our travel agency to do a lot of print ads, but the effect is not too good, the beginning of the company decided to cut all the print ads. This year, marketing is basically relying on the same way network, Baidu and other search engines, feeling the effect of the network is found to be good, a significant increase in the volume of business, and through the network straight off, there is a significant increase. Comprehensive summary of some experience to share with you:

1, I think now travel agency marketing methods should make certain adjustments, choose other feasible means is very necessary. Just imagine: if you see a print ad, you will choose the travel agency only on advertising, I think you and I are the same, it is difficult to believe that he did the quality. Print ads can only do an auxiliary publicity, expand the visibility of the enterprise may be a bit of a role, but the cost of print ads may be more clear than I do. With such a large cost, get a little bit of benefit, does not meet the purpose of the management of the business: with the lowest cost to get the maximum profit. Consider the use of other means of economic benefits to achieve additional publicity, to expand the visibility of the enterprise.

2, this year after the company’s print ads halted, tried a lot of other means, but the effect is better or network and website, at the beginning of our network in the same way a comprehensive revision of the site. On the top of a large number of published "junk files", said to be garbage files are relatively. To be trash with others but to yourself. Send these files or post must write your company name, contact address, should also add their names. I believe that the future will be useful, not necessarily a day may bring you economic benefits.

3, some people may say, you send these things useful?. If you do travel words: go out to play right now, most (not say all) you have to check up the computer, might be able to point to you, the more information you, the higher the probability. If you do, then, if the first cooperation, as soon as possible to check your company, if you can not find, there is no possible opportunities for cooperation, which requires us to have the best one of their own independent website so that more let them rest assured, that at least, you are not a shell companies, do today, tomorrow will not do that.

4, may now spread through the network may have some limitations, but I think the Internet is a big trend in the future, so I was willing to spend thousands of dollars to do the same way network ( members. With the development of the society, the continuous improvement of living standards, individual travel will gradually increase, if you travel agency, plane advertisement impossible to hit the source, but the network is not the same, tourists to the guests can directly through the network to find you, find your site. We do travel know, do first hand profit is the highest. This year I also received the agency in this way out of the individual.

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