JUE Micro era how do we do micro blog marketing

With the advent of the era of micro

, micro digital marketing development is also facing a potential a thousand li a day, so marketing, we must grasp, so micro-blog marketing how do we do? When it comes to micro-blog marketing, some companies may be confused, micro-blog is not to play with them, share them, how can the marketing there’s a little clever, business, bought a lot of micro-blog marketing data, a lot of micro-blog marketing courses, the theoretical knowledge learned a lot, but when it comes to the actual operation is still a blank face, below JUE marketing experts to several operating practices of micro-blog Marketing he intermediary share.

1 micro-blog marketing needs to have a good positioning

is not the positioning of the aircraft can not fly, no channel of the ship is set off, micro-blog is also not positioning operation not up, as a business of micro-blog, we have to open our position before, what is micro-blog, micro-blog is through the enterprise to achieve what kind of so, micro-blog is the style of display products through the introduction, or through the interaction to promote their products or advertising blindly, which require people to judge, not blindly send advertising is not good, Sina micro-blog in a micro-blog called "discounted products share". He is a the taste of advertising, Taobao collected various cheap and good products to recommend to you, advertising marketing in this will not let others disgusted, positioning is very important, you need to Good to locate their own micro-blog.

2 micro-blog marketing content selection


positioning well below began to publish some micro-blog according to the positioning, micro-blog’s content must be diversified, not a layer of dye always the same theme (except for the pure share advertising mentioned above that) hot events need attention, a hot topic to participate, celebrity micro-blog needs to forward, companies need to insert advertising. The contents of this release micro-blog can attract the attention of fans, can also be the company information to good publicity out, so micro-blog content selection is very important, the hair is veryeasy to cause the fan discontent to cancel the attention.

3 micro-blog marketing requires interactive


interaction is fundamental to micro-blog, share some of what one sees and hears what you think, since it is so fundamental micro-blog marketing also cannot do without interaction, the interaction we can often out some hot topic of discussion, voting, if can often get a line under the party it is of course better, I found now is the most interactive sweepstakes on micro-blog, I think this is really disgusting, a fair means nothing, participants did not know this is how you prize out several times, not to smoke OK, much will feel internally, so this is the best interactive sweepstakes don’t get, get you have to draw the rules to achieve convincing.

4 micro-blog marketing needs to develop

The number of

fans is the basis of your WeChat marketing, no fans >

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