A brief analysis of social network sharing marketing model

social network, also known as social communication network, the core price is that it makes the relationship between the two strangers to each other, a variety of social network marketing model is also based on this development. Depth of the recent study of social networking platform marketing model, which had to say is the sharing of marketing, small series of operations of the 88 tigers free fortune telling website is also operating the same pattern.

WeChat circle of friends to share

network is a broad product marketing world, WeChat officially derived social network, with a mobile phone to play WeChat friends everywhere, not lack of target potential customers in this group of large groups, through the nearby people, may know who shake functions can meet more users find; the user then determine whether it is the target customers, establish groups to target customers; see their share in the target group, not simply advertising model, said their feelings with groups of friends, do not need to highlight the product marketing, not to highlight their own is to sell products, so as not to strangers reject, if we can build a public micro signal, the best show to the public identity, improve their confidence.

have a friend who is a mask of purchasing, marketing share their use of mask feeling in the circle of friends and family for their own use of the mask after the performance, see this share after friends came to ask what is the use of the mask, the effect how, how the price, where to buy etc.. This MM moment from passive to active, help to solve the problem of interest to the user, and then achieve the sales. WeChat’s circle of friends to share the greatest success of marketing may be considered beautiful shot, instantly burst red network, which is the use of social networking network.

you should know to share marketing like viral marketing, as long as a person to recommend to the video on the social networking site, can cause dozens or even hundreds of people posted, like a virus with self replication and fast propagation characteristics. A person to share more than N people can see that the user groups to expand N times.


marketing Shuabing shared space

search marketing shield chain weight QQ space, not much value to the webmaster to improve website weight, but in the era of mobile social networking, QQ is great for micro electricity providers, micro shop for friends is their biggest customer, in the space to share the use of the product feel, product feedback use and other people use the product, to my friends in the bombing of the influence, improve their own influence in the circle of friends. In view of the fact that many people now do micro shop, marketing information can be the target customers can remember, in the space of scraper scraper share, but also to grasp the times every day, brush 3 times (early and late), according to their spatial views choose the appropriate time period.

do weight loss beauty of the webmaster can be seen everywhere, but to the impression that the more profound with the following marketing model, to share the weight loss of the principle of the product, the role of weight loss, weight loss

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