B2C e commerce website promotion experience

in the comprehensive industry electronic commerce website has occupied the most comprehensive B2B areas of the market, more and more industry e-commerce sites have begun to seek its development path instead of the market outside of the web site, namely towards professional segments of the


in today’s professional subdivision of the big environment, B2C site for the majority of our webmaster is a very attractive field, as scheduled advertising to others to make money, not as good as their direct transfer of Internet users money. Below with the webmaster share my promotion experience:

a search engine, the so-called SEO, we are more familiar with. But SEO to grasp the direction. Below I only mention 2 points, other effective methods on their own to stay with the pull, you can also communicate with me QQ 513419801 (indicating e-commerce)

1 consider blue ocean, less competition is the lowest cost, profit is the most sustainable

2 key words, the use of the long tail strategy, to seize a large number of useful keywords, profit is quite amazing

two. Landing navigation website and directory

landing a number of large navigation sites and directories, can give the site’s weight and traffic have great benefits.

you also consider paying for the location of the navigation site, some less well-known traffic, money spent little, the effect is very good

three. Link

Links to pay attention to methods, with similar sites or related sites is the best. For example the associated website who can bring effective flow (energy into benefits) website. With some heavy traffic sites to exchange links is also very good. If you watch

station is a station

can also link with the site http://s.jwatch.cn

four. Advertising promotion

fame is not large, the flow of the site. At present, many personal site, although fame is not very big, but the flow is particularly large, in their above advertising, the price is not expensive. For e-commerce sites, you can also use the amount of orders to pay commissions to small sites, the way to save advertising costs.

five. Using C2C platform

in Taobao, eBay, pat shop can make a profit, and can promote your site.

six. Free resource

free space, free domain name, free forum, free blog, popular forum posting these are very useful resources.

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