t is difficult to find a profit model is 2 wrong

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with an eventful year, from the beginning to the present Hula up new concept a large site, and now to splinters down a piece of. The Internet is like this, always a beautiful bubble in the capital of the catalyst, and then quickly buried down.

from Admin5 to Web2.0 to your expert banner, now many people began to badmouth 2, 2 or even negative, is that the site’s development should be from 2 to 1, and so on.

is not a fashionable person, in the face of everyone’s speech and the rapidly changing market, I choose the silence, duties, thinking…… But there is always an idea in mind, that is, it is difficult to find a profit model is 2 wrong?

wxunion was born in the small eyes, 2 cool, very strange, very small to save money, bookmarks, notes, to blog, podcast, personal portal, free online storage G…… Understand the network knowledge, webmaster should know, a small website must spend a lot of money, let alone put a lot of resources for free, but also expand the space fight strength, improve the service to the people, this really need to spend much money? What’s more, the blog let Fang Xingdong do not leave an advertisement with those bookmarks, notes, personal portal to want to do it, no one is that capital flow is not enough, two is really still do not know what is the occupied market segments. And now this year, all walks of life are people to do the site, advertising business which is so easy!

sometimes you turn stuffy to think of it, there are several new sites put forward a clear profit model, even if there is, it is advertising, classified ads or the advertisement more accurate or not, it is from the major advertising (portal and vertical station) to pry business live, think out of this circle Chinese, the online advertising market is much, how much profit, how many in this aspect has mature experience and vertical portal station? Are scared to think of it, actually people from the bowl of porridge is not so easy. Where is your market?

construction of profit this point is not 2 problems, any new Internet business problems faced by enterprises. This problem has plagued Sina, Sohu, also plagued QQ, NetEase, dangdang.

took off 2 of the mask, face the plight of the plight of start-up enterprises, analysis of the market, strengthen the operation, to find their own market is fundamental. The new enterprise depends on the concept of speculation is not big, the operation is not to say it.

in China I admire the most kind of station,

is a portal (including vertical portal), do not rely on the information to attract popularity, advertisers rely on the pocket.

is a QQ like, and individual members money, what picture, all space and user fees, money,


a class of online games, let the network >

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