News aggregation site Digg in the private market valuation of 250 million

              Beijing on April 17th news, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. private equity trading site SharesPost Friday released information shows that the transaction price news aggregation site Digg stock reached $15. At this price, Digg current market valuation of about $250 million.

SharesPost announced that there are investors willing to invest $45 thousand to buy 3000 shares of Digg stock. By this calculation, Digg’s market valuation reached $250 million, higher than the $167 million in 2008 when the company financing. Earlier data show that, despite the growth rate of Digg has lagged behind Twitter or some other companies, but the company has achieved profitability, revenue is expected to reach $30 million this year, Digg.

earlier this month, Digg announced that co-founder and CEO Jerry · Adelson (Jay Adelson) had left, another co-founder Kevin · Ross (Kevin Rose) will serve as the company ceo. Digg’s Adelson will be expelled from the company, largely because of a personal vendetta between Adelson and Ross, and eventually lead to the board of directors of the company must make a choice. Digg lost Ross will not be Digg, which is the last reason Adelson left the company.

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