From the NetEase micro blog No 20 officially launched the micro blog portal wrestling

March 18th news, close to the top of NetEase informed sources revealed to the TechWeb, NetEase will be this month, on-line on the 20. By then, NetEase will become a commercial portal in the official launch of second micro-blog service portal. Micro-blog has become the portal website standard.

early in January 16th this year, micro-blog NetEase came about on-line news, then the NetEase made a thousand dollars in cash to collect users micro-blog slogan, January 20th NetEase micro-blog has been able to access the address, but the online stage need an invitation code to register.

Informed sources revealed to TechWeb

today, NetEase micro-blog Department expressed satisfaction with the measured results, ready to launch, 20 of this month will be officially launched micro-blog NetEase, registered users to receive. The source said, NetEase has been completed in the end of the micro-blog test, the various functions and services have been tested, NetEase’s micro-blog features simple and relatively close to twitter, will be on time this month on line 20. Registered NetEase mailbox can log on."

at present, the business portal Sina first introduced micro-blog services, other portals will also enter this field. Sohu and Tencent micro-blog are still in the test phase. Micro-blog service portal will trigger a new round of wrestling between.

a Twitter user provides him access to NetEase micro-blog after the invitation to log into the interface screenshot. From this screenshot we can see that the NetEase micro-blog allows users to enter 163 characters at a time rather than the usual 140 words.

NetEase micro-blog user interface

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