Maternal and child market has great potential Overweight mother sea Amoy market Amazon

maternal and child market has great potential to attract electricity supplier giant Amazon China’s strong entry. Yesterday, Amazon announced Chinese, Amazon Chinese overseas purchase baby shop officially launched operation.


Chinese stressed areas, including maternal stores, overseas purchase shop all goods directly from the United States Amazon, in addition to ensure that the same price, all the goods through a global delivery service Amazon, delivery time to achieve an average of 2 weeks, the fastest 3 working days delivery guarantee. In addition, the maternal and child shop all the goods are provided in China’s local service.

According to Amazon

Chinese statistics, since the on-line overseas purchase shops, maternal and child supplies have been of concern, traffic and sales are among the top three list, and to maintain high growth.

mother and child category is almost all cross-border electricity providers or cut into a comprehensive field of cross-border business electricity supplier. According to the Beijing Daily reporter, currently involved in cross-border commercial maternal maternal electricity supplier has more than 30, such as the traditional B2C platform class electricity supplier Tmall, Jingdong, Su Ninghong child, Gome online; babe network, honey bud baby, the only product market segments and maternal; paroxetine Yun Yingtong deep plowing maternal market under the brand line for many years. In addition, the cosmetics started and also have sale in the form of cross-border business now focus on expanding business as the mother of.

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