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who chairs the Senate Education Committee, who really is a photographer and who isn’t? And thats the third time Art has been turned down #TheBachelorNZ pic. NGF. said he was not in support of placing a ban on the Hijab. obtains job-ready skills after nearly succumbing to alcoholism before his 18th birthday Since My Brothers Keeper launched in 2014 over 200 mayors and tribal leaders across 46 states have made commitments to join the initiative Businesses and corporations have pledged millions in donations and the groundwork has been laid for Obama to continue after he leaves office But while the program has grown there’s been a marked shift in the conversation on race in America at the same time Many young black men see the deaths of their peers at the hands of police in communities as far apart as Ferguson Baltimore and New York as a nationwide epidemic while the deaths of nine black churchgoers in Charleston has made it seem as though no place is safe from racially tinged violence The attention to the ongoing difficulties faced by those in the black and Hispanic communities says Broderick Johnson chair of the My Brothers Keeper Task Force has brought a spotlight to policy-driven efforts of the administration to address issues like community-police relations and school discipline policies Yet that work is only a part of the programs goal "Even without the incidents that weve seen across the country this work would have gotten started" Johnson says "One of the great achievements of this work will be to ensure that the exceptional is not the exception And that the extraordinary becomes the norm" Write to Maya Rhodan at [email protected] In the first decision of its kind a federal magistrate judge has ruled that functional magnetic resonance imaging shouldn’t be permitted in the courtroom as a new type of lie detector US Magistrate Judge Tu Pham yesterday released a 39-page opinion asserting that the technology is unreliable and has not been accepted by the scientific community Scientists who felt fMRIs weren’t ready to be used in court as lie detectors are relieved by the ruling which while not binding on other jurisdictions is likely to have an impact Lorne Semrau was seeking to include the results of scans as part of his defense in a Medicare and Medicaid fraud case being heard in a federal court in Tennessee But while Judge Pham agreed that the technique had been subject to testing and peer review it flunked on the other two points suggested by the Supreme Court to weigh cases like this one: the test of proven accuracy and general acceptance by scientists Pham noted for example that "there are no known error rates for fMRI-based lie detection outside the laboratory setting" The distinction between lying in a controlled experiment and the real world is an important one says Owen Jones a law professor at Vanderbilt University Law School in Nashville "You have much greater stakes in the lie" when you’re really trying to deceive he says Those brain scans might not look like the scans of people told to lie for instance about whether they’d taken a watch off a lab table Jones expects that the companies offering fMRI lie detection will likely conduct new tests "to approximate real-life conditions" for lying and focus on issues such as whether lie detection results vary depending on the age of the subject Semrau was 63 when he took the test Steven Laken the president and CEO of Cephos Corp,2014. Still nothing to complain about when you think about the weather we had this winter. a gesture that some witnesses have said Brown was making at the time of the shooting. But one thing almost none of them have is governing experience.

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