China Mobile was formally established to pay the company to apply for third party license

Dumbo Reuters

(Cui Yuxian / text) according to China Mobile insiders revealed to reporters Dumbo, the long-awaited China Mobile payment company recently has quietly established in July 1st, has obtained a business license. It is reported that the company’s full name is the Agel Ecommerce Ltd".

according to the reporter, the newly established Agel Ecommerce Ltd will be related to the work of all the China Mobile e-commerce base in Hunan to run. Previously, China Mobile has been the field of mobile wallet as the focus of business development, while the Hunan e-commerce base is focused on Yu Yuancheng mobile payment and wireless payment.

with the release of the first batch of third party payment license in May 26th, the third party payment company has been legally affirmed. However, the mobile payment market has been sparing no effort to deploy the operator has not been within the scope of the central bank publicity. The central bank announced the non-financial institution payment service management approach, the provisions of the September 1, 2011 deadline for the third party payment agency license. For the three operators, there are less than two months of application time.

it is reported that after the establishment of the Agel Ecommerce Ltd in China, will apply for third party payment license work into the primary task.

although the three operators set up to pay the company to obtain a license no suspense, but the operators also need to comply with the relevant conditions, September 1st will be the deadline." Relevant sources said.

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