nterpretation of consumer psychology to make your marketing easier



if you ask what kind of marketing means the most now, I will tell you of your target consumer psychology, and apply the most appropriate psychological tactics to allow consumers to enter our set of marketing layout. The following author to share three different analysis of consumer psychology marketing tactics.

psychological tactics:: step back, so that consumers are more difficult to reject

is a common example of life for example, one day I suddenly want to buy a car but not enough money, so I reached for you like to borrow 3000 dollars, probably because the credit is not good or you and I know the problem, you can lend money to the mind, at this time, I see you said so shilly-shally concessions: if so, I also feel shy to bother you, just don’t change, you can borrow my 20 let me go home. For the latter the request I think people will immediately agreed nine out of ten. The reason is the author made a compromise in the money, this kind of compromise, make you feel feel shy refused, even if I make a big compromise if you may also have a trace of guilt, eventually without thinking to meet I compromise after request.

the appropriate compromise psychological tactics applied to marketing is very useful, when we deal with consumers in a commodity, step back and the right time to make concessions as boundless as the sea and sky, active compromise, consumers will be more difficult to refuse, he will even remember your preferences, you become loyal consumers.

two: petty psychological tactics so that consumers have a sense of debt

this tactic to the number of the longest to see in the shopping mall, when we go shopping, we can often find a lot to eat in the store, under normal circumstances we will try out to eat it, anyway, do not have to buy, but after the end try the product, you will find that you want to leave empty handed a bit embarrassed, the heart will appear to want to buy an idea, you really need to buy, or even your mind will start looking to persuade to buy their own reasons. A proverb saying: people eat zuiruan. Although we initially just try holding the attitude, do not want to buy, but by others or treat will drive us to buy more likely.

Perhaps the

society has become more indifferent, but in such a cold environment, although a little petty will be magnified. Is the so-called man means, man eating soft in the mouth. When consumers get your benefits, often want to give you a faster return, otherwise you will always feel the pressure of the heart there. And you give consumers the benefits for you to just petty.

in this marketing campaign in the appropriate for your customers to send some small favor, then you will be easy to get bigger

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