After the era of SP personal website to embark on the path of specialization of regional transformat

      from the flood of Web sites, entertainment stations, download stations to focus on industry, vertical and regional

      "two days ago to a court, tell me the lack of some materials, I will go to court to submit pleadings tomorrow." June 27th, the publisher of the forum webmaster Duan Xiaolong told the first financial daily. He told Google.

      at the beginning of June, personal webmaster Duan Xiaolong submitted a lawsuit to Shanghai first intermediate people’s court, sued the search giant Google advertising alliance jurisdiction clause in AdSense is invalid. June 13th, the small dragon received the court’s decision, the court ruled that the jurisdiction of the case to the United states. Duan Xiaolong sued the reason is that he felt the site of the main site of the Google invalid invalid provisions and serious misunderstanding, because it belongs to foreign contract disputes, in accordance with legal procedures, the need to determine the jurisdiction. Duan Xiaolong refuses to accept the decision of the court, the prosecution decided to continue with the other.

      this search giant and personal disputes between the owners of the contract caused a high degree of concern of the entire personal website industry. Some personal webmaster to join the AdSense express support for Duan Xiaolong at the forum and the AdSense, and even the advertising industry ". After a few years of personal experience, advertising from the advertising alliance is divided into the most important source of income. When the "main income" is also faced with risks, the owners will have to act.

      "my purpose is to urge Google to revise the" overlord clause ", individual stationmaster present survival is not easy, can not be the big bully." Duan Xiaolong said.

      just a year ago, the advertising alliance for advertising into revenue, and not too many personal sites in the eyes. Passing of night a year, stationmaster people feel as if a generation had passed.

      once happy time

      initial personal site is a lot of stems from the station’s personal interest. With the gradual growth of Internet users, the number of visits to some sites also gradually increased, when the site traffic to a large extent, the commercial value began to appear. Some sites are starting to attract commercial advertising.

      webmaster network ( of the webmaster Zhang Zhengjun, net name "King", do personal site has 7 years, in the personal webmaster circle is very famous. He recalled that his first site to do the main picture, did not expect to make money through the site, in 2002 when the independent IP access reached 20 thousand >

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