Suning V not only to save the change to save

the day before yesterday, Suning launched V service purchase accident caused no small controversy, did not think this should be a very common thing, it arouses people from the media on the V purchase can save Suning store debate. In fact, the purchase of V set up to save Suning store hat is too large, the meaning of the V purchase is not to save, but change.

Suning launched V purchase service is not intended to save the store, but changed Suning store service system. The reason is very simple, just as its name implies, V purchase is to provide exclusive shopping guide services for VIP users, and this part of the user is only a few, Suning stores more ordinary users, do not need VIP shopping guide service. For example, I would like to buy an electric fan, a VIP shopping guide followed me, I think it is awkward, this is not a good service experience shopping.

obviously, V purchase only Suning to large consumption of consumer demand for VIP services, is a niche group service innovation, to save about Suning store problem, it is the need to explore the public service innovation, which is obviously not the purchase V. Therefore, my conclusion is that Suning V purchase, not to save, just change.

so the question is coming, what is Suning going to change? Before answering this question, let’s first find out what is the main dilemma of Suning store.

in the past, the dominant market environment, Suning can be smooth, do not have to worry about sales, sales also for more than one hammer sale crunching, do not consider the CRM problem, do not care whether there will be back after the transaction is completed, the familiar, the clerk quickly the buyer will forget.

now times have changed, and now has entered a buyer’s market, a variety of consumer shopping channel diversity, Suning has lost its leading sales strong position, which requires Suning change better service attitude, and consumers to establish long-term relationship with the service attitude so as to bring more complex purchase, while the V purchase is Suning a trial for high-end consumer.

in fact, the Suning stores need to change the service attitude, however, is not an effective means of Suning first choice from high-end cut, because the high-end users don’t care about the price, more care services, it is possible to successfully carry out V purchase. Suning said private customized shopping guide service its practical significance is to establish long-term relationships with VIP consumers, through nanny style services, enhance the stickiness of the store, driven by the purchase, enhance store competitiveness.

this question has been answered, Suning store to change is the service attitude, because now the market space more and more narrow, and the pressure of competition is more and more large electricity providers to bring, and online compared to the next line of the largest variable is people, people can service for the next line to bring added value, good service attitude, offline online than sell expensive 50 dollars is someone to buy. If we do not make use of the advantages of service, we will lose our competitiveness under the line

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