Real name system is only a means of sale of love and marriage website was a crisis of confidence

whether online marriage, e-commerce or some other online communication, the real name system will become the development trend. Real name system for online dating and dating issues played a positive role

most users now have accepted the real name authentication, but many users concerned about privacy and does not provide true information, and hope to see each other more real information, and to verify the information the user must get my authorization, this is the biggest contradiction between

if you can achieve online linkage, information sharing, will play a great role in promoting the construction of social integrity. But in fact, it takes a long time to develop

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on December 16th news (reporter Tu Ming Meng Jing) recently, a Beijing media published entitled "master of the children born to female marriage cheated Lily network" reported, causing the community on dating sites "real name system" hot.

How to

event antecedents and consequences if there are problems Information audit lax? The "real name system" can effectively prevent the marriage fraud? The reporter has interviewed the parties separately responded.

female master website dating Lily network sued


on the 14 day, the reporter contacted the marriage fraud victims Xiaofang (a pseudonym). Xiao Fang said in the indictment, she is Lily network registered "honest members", October 2010 by lily network director of a listed company claiming to know President Jiang Haifeng. After the meeting, Jiang Haifeng thought that on behalf of the company to buy a company’s internal stock for defrauding more than 10 yuan, now Huangpu District has been Shanghai city court sentenced to imprisonment for fraud and sentenced to 4 and a half years. The investigation, Jiang Haifeng married farmers (Jiang Haifeng Fang a month later, on November 2010, the wedding) Lily network registration information in addition to sex and name, age, occupation, income, education and other information are fictitious.

think he is Lily network Xiaofang, pay for registered users, Lily network after the charge not prudent audit obligations, resulting in serious losses suffered by the money and the body and mind, should bear the responsibility in this regard, compensation for all losses, therefore to claims 500 thousand yuan. Beijing Chaoyang District court stakeholders 13, said the hospital has accepted the case, but has not yet heard.

‘s attorney and blue Xiaofang, 500 thousand yuan to claim the lily network, belongs to 150 thousand yuan cheated part, rest for the losses suffered by xiaofang. "The amount of compensation is not the loss of all, a lot of things are intangible losses." Xiao Fang said.

13, Lily CEO exclusive exclusive interview with reporters. Tian Fanjiang, Fang on October 2009 in Lily network registration. In October 28th this year, Lily network received Xiaofang complaints, customer service immediately verified, and timely reply, reply communication. "For this matter, we feel that no matter who we are, no matter through what channels, by the injury, we all feel sympathy and regret, but also willing to help victims." Tian.

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