The website for the record pictures started webmaster site for verification

Reporters from the domestic

website access business office was informed that the website for the camera work has begun to enter the formal implementation stage, in addition to access to the site sponsor’s photographs for the record, and access to information real operators signed undertaking to complete website information authenticity check work.

a week ago, the Ministry announced in May 6th the site for the record to take pictures of the background and the use of the original background picture. This shows that the Ministry of industry has been the site for the record to be included in the work of the owners of the agenda.

an access provider that is in accordance with the Ministry of Industry issued the document No. 64, "the Ministry of industry and information technology on further implementation of the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" Notice of taking pictures and other related work.

to jierushang, must first be based on the original background image on the specified position according to the requirements of the unit to add the icon in the name of the company, will add the company name of the picture as the verification process taking practical background, also with the name of the company take actual background pictures in the original printed proportion not less than 1600m m× 1600m; m camera as background, on the site for background screen pictures of people on site.

according to the provisions of Document No. 64, for web hosting, web site owners after being notified by the site responsible for the person carrying verification required original documents, materials to access service unit for the record site for verification procedures.

related documents show that web site owners need to shoot bareheaded color body, contains the site responsible person and the name of the unit in the photo background. Access to the site to confirm the person in charge of the company and the company’s name clearly visible after the photos will be retained, and the need to display the camera time mode, the photo resolution is set to 800× 600 pixels.

in addition, in the photo after the completion of the site sponsor and access providers must also fill in the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record, and the joint commitment to the authenticity of the information.

the need to fill out the three basic information, including domain name and site type. You need to access the website main information, contact information and access to information, record filing and other verification. Verification is completed, the two sides need to work together to sign real information guarantee.

, however, the industry also believes that the site sponsor and remote access providers, taking pictures for the record measures are difficult to implement, there must be changes in the way.

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