The era of mobile nternet recruitment website established number of users monthly decline

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] mobile Internet forward wheel – "no mobile Internet is now not only the investors" formula, is the survival law as one of traditional Internet industry: individual layout slow traditional website even began to face the risk of difficult to survive. Recently the traditional recruitment website is threatened by growing crises layoffs door into, and hold high the banner of mobile recruitment headhunting network, the bright younger generation skyline network, latitude network but growing, to carve up the online recruitment market is huge, the future most white-collar resumes to find work only on the mobile phone screen gently point easily.

introduced to others who have to work collectively lose your job: recently online ChinaHR played a rare layoffs storm, the proportion is as high as 50% employees were laid off without the collective, retrenched employees have to take the initiative to "be cut", which is unique in the domestic Internet companies layoffs cases. The reason is that employees lost to can survive in confidence. As one of the big three domestic Internet recruitment, In addition to its own business decisions, but also reflects the traditional recruitment model threatened by growing crises in a certain extent.

user experience is the most objective, from the micro-blog blog "celebrity Wu Qinggong" commented: " really want to go down? I don’t care, just know that the revised experience is very poor." was the first to fall one, once the big three network recruitment situation today are not optimistic: in the homogenization of competition pattern is similar and the breakdown field recruitment peer siege slightly underground, Zhaopin future worries and is also facing great challenges. Before mentioning the three veteran recruitment site to the industry, the most impressive is by omnipresent advertising to promote the B end profit growth, but this development was too extensive and not sustainable, C complained repeatedly, and after a long time of peril. According to the latest released by iResearch IUserTracker data show that the first half of 2012 the three largest online recruitment portal covering number showed a downward trend month by month.

domestic recruitment marketing experts Dai Kebin said, veteran recruitment site, blindly to meet the needs of corporate customers, while ignoring the job seekers. Most of the enterprises are released through the network is low-end jobs, which attract most of the primary talent, but the actual scarcity of high-end talent. Ultimately, corporate customers do not pay, job seekers do not say well, and the site itself is not a good resume resources.

iResearch analysis, recruitment website traffic and viscosity affected by multiple factors, and to realize the growth in the number of users, must start from the root, that is to improve the user experience, this is also the reason why the strong rise of the vertical fine classification website. The fact is true, more and more vertical recruitment website is a huge impact on the traditional recruitment model, more representative of the network, such as hunting hire, street network, Jingwei network. Hunting recruits network focused on the recruitment of high-end talent in this field of value, the opposite direction, pay more attention to job seekers >

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